In the rivalry of cats and
I think there is a misunderstanding.
Lizards seem to get along well with frogs,
Because they speak the same language:
Silence and lonestanding

In the rivalry of siblings,
I think there is a justification.
There are several things to compete over,
Toys, Parents, territory, and attention.
But to this we give justification.
Why? you ask?
Because it is how we humans like a race:
We take.


I got the above meme from a website . My mom is a HUGE star trek fan and so I was raised on the morals of captain Kirk and Picard. And since Data is awesome and I found this, I thought I would put this on here even though I said I would only use original works. This will probably only be a one time deal. (If you can’t read the caption, it says “I have written this next poem in honor of my cat”)
P.S. If I were to chose between Kirk and Picard, I’d pick Janeway, she is queen.

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