What you should know about this blog thing…

Hello, my name is M.L. Wright and welcome to my blog. I guess. I’m a female American that loves to write and make people laugh. You’ll find lots of poetry and just whatever I feel like. One thing I can promise you is that each post will contain words that either rhyme or don’t. It depends on my mood, really.

Just a heads up, some of what I write might be a little dark or satirical. But I can’t think of two better words to describe myself.

I’m not a poet. I love poetry, but I consider myself to be a story writer, not a poet. But I do write poetry as a sort of therapeutic soother and I recommend it for anyone to try. Especially if you’re like me, and words are more than just letters made with lines and curves.

You can contact me with my email m.l.wrightpoetry@outlook.com or you can just comment here. Please be nice.




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