My Childhood


Childhood is not innocence.
Childhood is not a certain age.
Childhood is not a fantasy in which to play in.
Childhood does not depend on toys or trinkets.
Being held by mothers in blankets.

Childhood is the world
Where money is just paper
and gold is just rock.
Not everyone has a childhood.
I had one, although it was short,
It was full of worth.
I loved my childhood.
I miss my childhood.
Childhood is a gift to gain.
Usually it’s gained at birth
But can sometimes be lost in the earth.
Buried deep below the surface.
But giving up paper and rocks can give this gift back.

Hurry fast!
What’s holding you back?
Oh, right.


I drew the above picture using an internet pen thing and then saved it to my computer. I’ve always thought of them as the cowboy(left) and fancyman(right) and the cowboy is glad to be a cowboy and the fancyman is very unhappy to wear a pinchy hat. Also, his face is melting a little bit.

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