Unlikely Friends

Unlikely Friends

The Dragon asks the Knight
“How’s it going?”
The Bird asks the Fish
“How’s the water?”
The Mouse asks the Lion
“Is the air thin up there?”
The Donkey asks the Elephant
“How’s it going?”
To which he replied,
“Your momma’s fat”
“So’s yours, and I should know,
I just got back from her apartment.”

The Dragon and Knight
Both pick sides
The hipster Bird
thinks “How absurd”
The Fish and Mouse
Both hate the game
While the Lion…
Well, he knows how to tame.


I came about this differently than you might think. I was looking at really old drawings of mine and found this(below) and thought maybe I could make a silly poem, and I did. I don’t want to target anyone with this, it’s just a silly thing. SCN_0037.jpg


Please don’t hate me for giving Clinton a beard. And the Dragon supporting Trump is a super friendly dragon, I swear.




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