Do you notice the power
that lines the highway?


Do you see the toppled trees
that don’t mind the highway?


Do you stop at the trees?
Or do you just keep going?


Do you use an axe and your back?
Or do you lose a tire and an axle?


Do you look up at the road?
Or do you stare at the wheel?


Do you think while you drive?


Do you even drive?
Or do you only ride?


Do you see the houses
As they fly by?


Do you look out the window?


Do you notice the roadkill?


Do you even care when
You kill as you drive?


Do you see the yellow and white lines
As they stretch across the highway?


Do you enjoy the ride anyway?


Do you swear at those
Who cut you off?


Do you respect those
Who don’t respect you?


Do you drive well?


Do you lie
Or do you tell?

-M.L. Wright

I had the excellent opportunity to go to Utah for a few days right after I was let out of school this summer and we did a lot of driving. I didn’t drive much, it was mostly just my dad, but I did look out the window a lot and got to see the beautiful Utah scenery.

We got lost and someone had the genius idea  to take a picture of the car in front of us. But also the beautiful mountains.

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