So many snakedly smile.

Some solemnly, darkly swear.

Stop the fake façade!

Smile for real this time!

Dig deep for happiness this time,

Smile for me this time.


What if I’m afraid to smile?

What if my teeth fall back?

What if beauty pure I lack?

What if I hate my smile?

What if I smile with my eyes?

What if divinity drags and dies?


Watch my blockish feet

Move seamlessly through the concrete.

I don’t care any longer.

Care not for me, but instead of me.

Because, statistically, your smile’s stronger.

No paste pure, no dentist cure

M.L. Wright

I used to be extremely self conscious about my smile, and I still sort of am, but I’m not sure which is worse. Fake smiling and frowning deeply on the inside, or feeling so insecure that you simply can’t smile at all, whether you’re happy or not.

I’m not the biggest fan of emoji’s, but stick people, they’re alright.

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