They say time,

it flies

when you’re having fun

But I’m young

And years seem so long

It never ends.

And, though I have no

idea when it begins

I think I know how it ends

And it’s a secret

But I’ll give you a hint

Time, it flies by

when you’re having fun


I’m going to leave 100% of the interpretation of this poem up to whoever happens to stumble upon this. Instead, I’m going to talk about my view of American politics. Nah, just kidding. I will make a statement though. Politicians make me sad and Twenty One Pilots make me glad.

Anyways… have a wonderful day and have fun, and let time fly my friend. 🙂


In all honesty, I got all the inspiration for the picture from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. It’s pretty much my favorite movie… known for it’s masterful comedy. Vote for Pedro.

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