What is a poem?

No one can really define a poem. Let me do my best though. To me, a poem is when your heart tells your brain how to write what your heat tells your soul how to think. But that’s just me. I really like how Emily Dickenson described it in a letter“If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.”

     What does it take to create a poem? (Not going to get into specifics like haikus, sonnets, or limericks, just poetry in general)

  1. Some kind of structure. Although structure isn’t my strongsuit, and I view this as the most justified broken rule in poetry, for the most part, poetry still “needs” structure. Using rhyme, meter,  and rhythm, poets have created beautiful and memorable poetry that can and has been revered through centuries.
  2. Invention and Imagination. Poetry hasn’t sat stagnate in the pool of society (thankfully) mostly because poetry continues to be invented and reinvented to mirror the thoughts and emotions of the people. And a willingness of imagination is the key to unlocking the magical world of your mind. Cheesy, but true.
  3. Emotion. I can’t even stress this enough. In my opinion, the most important part of poetry.  There has to be a reason that you write something. There has to be a driving force between you, and the pen. If it means nothing to you, it will mean nothing to anyone who reads it! There will be no point! If your emotion is love, then convey that feeling. If it’s soft and loving, and coos and in the morning, if it’s velvet and soft purple… then that is your emotion! If it’s rough and tumultuous, and yells and is clamorous, if it’s metallic and dark, yet supple… then that’s your emotion! A poem is nothing without emotion!


           Why write poetry?

You can release energy like an outlet to a cord, I let that pent up energy out using poetry as my medium.You don’t need to publish or even share your poetry. In fact, I didn’t even consider sharing my poetry until my Creative Writing teacher made me create a blog and said that I could write anything, and since it was Creative Writing class, I figured I’d get extra brownie points for doing poetry over something like write about my three dogs and two cats. Still haven’t seen those brownies and it’s been over a month since I started.


But more importantly, I started this blog, and the Creative Writing class in general because if I lost my head, I’d lose poetry, and writing. I’m only just a kid. According to the world, I can’t consent, vote, or make real differences; but with poetry, I can. With writing, I can make a difference. With this blog, my hope was to gain confidence in sharing my thoughts with others, and I have. People all over the world have literally read what I’ve written and that’s the best gift anyone could’ve given me. Even if that number is small, I’m still so grateful. Thank you. 🙂



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