The complicated relationships that exist between my pets

All of the following is true. It should be noted that the situations may be read wrong because animals have different intentions than humans.

First, I should introduce you to them. Nineish years ago, our family got a puppy, Honey. Our mother trained her and she was perfect. As perfect as a dog can be anyways.

Honey Dew Wright


Honey was so incredibly kind and sweet when we got her, that we had to name Honey and the homonym dew and do sounds cool with the homonym wright and right. Honey is very loving, cuddly and can be very hyper when visitors come over. However, she is the jealous type and doesn’t like the attention taken away from her and will mope around the house when other pets are around.

Flash forward to early this year when my two sisters each got puppies. They picked two from a batch of Border Collie/Pugs. It’s been an interesting mix.

Sheldon Cooper Wright


Sheldon Cooper is the name of my sister’s favorite T.V. character so naturally she named her dog after him. Sheldon is sweet and well intending, but is kind of sensitive and protective. His mind is smaller than his heart and it makes his decisions not very… great. But boy is he sweet and apparently handsome according to some people. I don’t really see it.

Piper Angel Wright


I don’t know what my sister was thinking when she named her this. I guess it’s cute. Piper is very sweet as well,… when you get to know her. She has this cute Chewbacca growl that she loves to do. Don’t mess with her, she can mess you up. Don’t let those puppy eyes fool you. She can be stone cold.

Then we got kittens. Well, me and my mom did. I got Princess, while my mom got Dwight.

Princess Fluffy Boots WrightPrincess.JPG

Princess technically isn’t her name, it’s her title. Her name is actually Fluffy, but everyone, me included, calls her Princess. I made a promise to myself when I was six that I would have a cat named Princess Fluffy Boots, don’t judge. Princess is sassy to the extreme and introverted like basically all my friends so it makes sense that we hit it off right away. Her notes from the vet when we first got her said, “kind of hissy, but very sweet” and that’s when I realized that she and I were twins.

Dwight Danger WrightDwight.JPG

The story of how this cat was named is actually more interesting. It involved psychology in which I don’t know much about. One of my favorite characters from my books is Ean Danger Anderson. (Yes, I’m a nerd/dork, get over it) And I wanted to name a cat after him. So I loosely suggested it to my mom and she named him Dwight Danger Wright. Close enough. She still thinks that it was her original idea. Dwight is just a ruggedly handsome, married cat that likes to pretend that he’s a bachelor. But his heart only belongs to one. And that “one” is…


That’s right. My mom’s cat is in love with the family dog. It doesn’t end there. Honey finds his constant advances annoying and prefers to just ignore him. But sometimes, she’s too tired and he’ll give her a little kiss on the paw or nose. He does this to no one else. Only her.

This enrages Princess. Princess and Dwight are very close. Brother and sister, but not by blood. She doesn’t want the only animal companion that she has in the house to just abandon her for a dog. This leads Princess to sometimes get in random, uncalled for fights with Honey. However, I have seen her flirt occasionally with Sheldon. I’m not sure if this is sincere, or just to make Dwight upset, as Dwight and Sheldon have an ongoing rivalry that started for no reason.

Sheldon confuses Princess’s flirtatious attitude for play fighting (as he play fights with Piper all the time). Being that Sheldon is three times the size of Princess, she runs away, terrified. Honey has also been known to flirt with Sheldon from time to time. This upsets Dwight, but not enough to throw him off her trail. Although, recently, Sheldon has been very rude to Honey, making her very afraid of him and intensifying the hatred that Dwight has for Sheldon. No one messes with his woman.

Piper, hates Princess. For much of the same reason that Princess hates Honey. Piper is very possessive of her brother and anyone that comes between her and him, most likely won’t survive, so Princess steers clear.

Honey just stays away from all the pets, hoping to avoid confrontation. Most of the time.

Sheldon just goes with the flow and tries his best to protect his mother (my sister) and little sister from dangers like cats, squirrels, and cars.

Piper fights with her brother constantly, but still loves him. She’s mostly passive towards the cats. She chases them, but really only mildly hates Princess. Piper actually kind of likes Dwight though, but only platonically.

Princess, much like Honey, avoids contact with everyone, but she avoids humans too. Pretty much the only friends she has is Dwight and me.

We joke and say that Dwight and Honey are married, but Dwight really does love Honey. He really likes to socialize with everyone, but something about Honey just draws him in. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Love truly knows no bounds.


I love my pets to death. They drive me crazy, but they bring me joy that I would never expect to have. And I’ve heard people say that animals have no emotions. There is nothing that is further than the truth! Animals can love and hate just the same as us, if not more because they aren’t blocked by shame. They feel jealousies and envies and joys. Humans are not special in the gift of personality and soul.

This is the premise from a story that I’ve been thinking about writing. Maybe when I’m like forty and look back on my life and nostalgically  remember my young years.



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