Young Life


Young Life


Whisperings of insanity

When they were what

kept me sane and gave

me clarity.

I start believing my

own lies about my

young life.

Had to bring myself to

school to teach myself

a lesson on right and

wrong because I’m strong,

I just can’t remember right

from wrong.



One thought on “Young Life

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  1. Some use ethics, a rational argument of right and wrong, which delves into what is more right of two rights or more wrong of two wrongs.
    Some use the Spirit to be told what is right and wrong, the problem is being deceived.
    I prefer trying to understand the consequences of our actions, and choosing the action with preferred consequences. Of course, in this I am a hypocrite. I also rely on forgiveness, and so forgive others. Of course in this, I am also a hypocrite again.

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