Deciding what I wanted to be when I “grow up”

I didn’t always want to be a writer. In fact, I didn’t even really think that I could be a writer and get paid until recently (the past few years) but I have always been very sure about what I’ve wanted to be. Until I found the next best thing. And I was an extremely nerdy child. I still am.

I’ll start at five, because as long as I’m being honest, a paying job meant nothing to me before then.

Five years old:

I wanted to join the circus because I read a book and saw that elephants were in circuses and I loved elephants. But then I also found out that clowns were in circuses and that just seemed awkward to be petrified of a coworker. Clown.png

Six years old:

After seeing how wonderful teachers were at school, I wanted to be a teacher. But then I witnessed my teacher have a nervous breakdown in front of the class. So maybe something else. Also, what teachers get paid is insanely not fair. I mean, what the heck?Teacher.png

Seven years old:

I wanted to be a paleontologist that specialized in the study of dinosaurs. My favorite dinosaur was the Stegosaurus and  I can’t remember much, but seven year old me could tell you anything about them. Even if I had to make it up.stegosaurus1

Eight years old:

I still wanted to be a paleontologist. Even though Jurassic Park still gave me nightmares, (The movie just makes me laugh now) I still really wanted to study dinosaurs. They were just interesting.VELOCIRAPTOR-JURASSIC-PARK.jpg

Nine years old:

I wanted to be a fashion designer. My sister got a special notebook that had special paper and really cool tips on how to make fashion things. This died out fairly quickly as I found out that I can’t “fashion” for the life of

Ten years old:

When I was ten, our family got internet for the first time and by golly, I wanted to be a Youtube star. I wanted to make videos for all the internet to see. So far, I’ve made a few “movies”, but they’ve only been shared amongst

Eleven years old:

At eleven, I wanted to be an architect. It sounded fun. I was really good at Geometry. But I just got so bored thinking about sitting down and drawing out a house. Where was the fun in that? So that didn’t last long either.Can't stay still.png

Twelve years old:

I wanted to be a caricature artist. I loved drawing, but I can’t draw for the life of me. Especially when I’m trying to draw something that isn’t in my mind. I’ll just stick to my own way of drawing. caricature

Thirteen years old:

I wanted to be a park ranger. It sounded like fun. I loved going to the local state park and I admired the people that protected it and I wanted to protect it too.5888918def3db70b1ca93490fe9f1ac2

Fourteen years old:

Then it hit me. I just wanted to learn about animals. So I made the firm decision that I was going to be a zoologist. I made plans for college and even looked into where I might work and dreamed of my future that was surely going to be successful. So I began to learn about animals. Some would say on an obsessive level.elephant-crazy

Fifteen years old:

Then, after being struck by lightning yet again, I made another firm decision that I would be a veterinarian. But no ordinary vet. No. I had a very definite plan in place. I would graduate high school with honors. Graduate college with honors. Open my own veterinarian hospital then retire with a large sum of cash that I earned from intelligent investing. Then I would travel the world, using my previous knowledge as a vet to help other animals for free (being that I was already rich). I pictured myself in Africa in gunfights with poachers. And that was the life I wanted. Then Ean and Max happened to me…Graduate.png

Sixteen to now:

As stupid as the name “Ghost in the Basement” and characters like Ean and Max sounds, it pretty much took over my life. If writing were a person instead of a verb, then it would be considered an abusive relationship… at first. At first, I did not know how to handle it. I had no idea how to steer the reigns or hone my abilities. I was completely self taught. For a while, everything was little crazy, but now life is amazing. Now I have a medium that fits me. Writing.png

And the truth is, I can still do any of these things if I wanted to and anything else. Maybe not graduate high school with honors, but still, I can have almost any career I want. Even a reality T.V. Star. Even President.


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