The Boy



There was a boy destined for more.

He was cursed and poor.

His mother was no more.

His father left before he was born.

How could he do more?


He met an unkind man

Who liked to strike with his hand.

So the boy kissed the floor.

Wishing for his dead mother.

Possibly his father could save him from this man.

How could he be more?


The boy waxed strong.

He grew over six feet tall.

Though he never asked for more…

He still never got it.

Possibly his father would never come.

Maybe he would never be more.


But wait!

Who’s that at the gate?

Loyal men in blue

here to save.

Too late.

He’s died.

He’s happy now.

He’s more now.


I’m a fan of opposites. Yesterday I published “Little Girl”, today I publish “The Boy”, because I’m just a pocket of sunshine.

Funny story. In the fifth grade, the teacher, Mr. A as we called him, told me to write an essay on opposites, and the first thing that came to mind was female opposing male. And the title of my essay was “The Differences between Males and Females”.  I’m sure that my teacher was expecting to get “The Talk” from an eleven year old, but I mostly just pointed out that males tended to be larger than females and that we weren’t that different and gender stereotypes needed to be challenged.


My childhood just makes me laugh.



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