Cry Baby

Cry Baby


When you hear their heartbeat

it suddenly makes it impossible to harm them.

You stand tall on your feet

But you feel unforgiven.


You used to wish upon a star

It’s not relevant anymore,

You’re too far

What ae you crying for?


Sit up Straight!

Wipe your tears!

Stay inside!

Leave your fears!


Sorry, worthless,

Can’t help insulting.

You’re just to helpless.

Never am I exulting.

-M.L. Wright

    Really this is a combination of a lot of things and emotions I’ve had from the past. As a child, I could cry at the drop of a hat. So I earned a catchy nick name- cry baby. Not that catchy, but it stuck. I’d prefer to think of myself as empathetic, or sensitive to others’ emotions.

This doesn’t have much to do with anything, but I could relate and laugh.

  I drew the above picture at my Great grandmother’s house while visiting family recently. When people find out that you mildly know how to draw, they get really nosy. A tip from someone who has a sketchbook, don’t ask to see someone’s sketchbook, wait for them to show you. Besides, you’ll probably just be disturbed anyways.

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