10 music artists that inspire me daily (in an artistic kind of way)


I’m what some might call a “music addict”. I think this concerns my mother more than it concerns it myself. Whenever I’m looking for words or a storyline or anything, really, I just listen to music and then sometimes it just comes to me.


And it’s not like I can help it. I grew up on music and learned to depend on it as a means of escape. Just like I did with reading or writing or drawing. I grew up loving the sound of rap and rock and R&B and pretty much any music I could get my hands on. I recently found a long lost MP3 player from when I was ten, and was reminded of how far I’ve come in my musical tastes. Mostly I was sickened by what I found, but also nostalgic.

#1 First and Foremost, Twentyone Pilots:

The first song I’ve ever heard by them was “Tear in My Heart” and my sister showed it to me. And I was like, “Girl, why have you been keeping this from me!”

So of course I bought the Blurryface album, expecting and getting the very best. I’m sure my family and all my friends are sick of me talking about them all the time, but paying attention to their lyrics and exact words, I just feel so inspired to live and I feel like I owe them everything. They came into my life, when my life didn’t seem all that bright ahead, but they made it bright. Because everyone else would judge me or think I was weak, but Tyler and Josh only ever played me beautiful music with poetry that inspires me every. single. day.

However, Tear in My Heart is not my favorite song. Semi-Automatic from their Vessel album is, because I can both fiercely relate to it and dance along with it.

Something that has always bothered me is some people’s (not calling out any names because I don’t want to be murdered) ownership over them. As if no one else has a right to listen to them because they listened to them first. That’s really not cool. I had simply never heard of them before because I don’t get out much, and let’s face it, before Blurryface, they weren’t all that popular. Maybe I heard “Car Radio” and thought, what a lovely song, but I don’t recall ever hearing the name Twentyone pilots before the summer of 2015.


#2 The Weekend:

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to The Weekend. Something about his voice is just so wonderful and his lyrics are honestly genius. My favorite songs of his being “Losers” and most recently, “Starboy”


#3 Adele:

Adele, or as I like to call her, the queen of breakup songs. Some people say that about Taylor Swift, but something about TayTay just annoys the crap out of me. Maybe it’s the fact that my friend started calling her TayTay. But Adele is awesome. Overplayed, but unique and awesome. “River Lea” is legit.


#4 Ruth B:

Ruth B. is a very gifted artist and the first time I heard the song “Golden”, I just started sobbing uncontrollably. That was the only time since or before that I’ve broken down crying over a song. Probably because I can also deeply relate to it. All of her other songs are good too.


#5 Fall Out Boy:

Because darn it, if I don’t love to dance, dance.

#6 George Ezra:

I first heard of him on SNL and then fell in love with him. Fell in love with his voice, his songs, his lyrics, and his face. Probably because he reminded me of a guy that I liked in gradeschool. But the song “Budapest” in particular helped me to create a fun and upbeat mood for one of my books.


#7 Ed Sheeran:

I’ve always loved Ed Sheeran. His talent is obvious and I love listening to his songs. One song in particular “Thinking Out Loud” helped me solidify two characters when I was having trouble finding ways to get them to relate to each other.


#8 Panic! at the Disco:

I’ve pretty much always enjoyed P!ATD. I mean, who doesn’t love “Nine in the Afternoon”? (which is what made me first like them.)


But I’ve also based an entire storyline around “Death of Bachelor” and that is my favorite song by them. Or him, I guess because now he’s the only one left in the band.

#9 Beethoven:

I’ve gotten in arguments with my mom over who was better. Beethoven or Mozart. And while I have to give mad props to Mozart, I just can’t feel the same emotions that I feel when I hear Beethoven. I can play miniscule amounts of piano (not being modest, just being honest) and most of what I know is Beethoven.

#10 Hozier:

I don’t know. I just really like Hozier. I think he’s got this way of making beautiful songs that have impact. Like “Take me to Church” or “Foreigner’s God”. Both songs I enjoy. Actually, all songs of his I enjoy.


These are just ten. I can go on infinitely and forever on this topic. Because, like I said, I’m addicted to this stuff and I know more than ten ways to get to what I need.

Sources: WeKnowMemes and YouTube


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