Hate the sin, not the sinner.

But at what point do the words

Committed against us sinners, turn the

Saints to sinners as well?

Do saints exist all?

Are we all fighting a bloody and

unseen war with hell?


He who has not sinned, cast the first stone.

So we throw our rocks down.

Or do we?

Or do we continue along a path,

Paved with good intentions and judgment

Of others.


So I live by this motto-

Life is life, love is love, laugh is laugh,

And I just leave it at that.

Leave the spiritual judgement to God,

If you wish, or do as you please.

I couldn’t care less, so I live at ease.

-M.L. Wright


In the tender words of Brendon Urie, “All you sinners stand up, sing Halleluiah”.


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