Fall into my arms

Where safety lies

Crooked, not straight.


Their words harm,

So, fall beside,

Forget what’s right, don’t hate.


My dear angel,

Look! And Behold!

Fall into me, be my mold.


Where I lack,

Pick it up.

Where I’m Yin, be the Yang.


I could’ve sworn,

You’re a lost dream

Angels so foretold.


Never would I tame.

Forever would I belove,

If only you’d do the same.


Where they smashed me,

Turned me to clay,

Hold my hand, and beside me lay.


Pick me up,

Hold me close,

Angel, don’t let me go.


Use your hands,

Your words, your verbal touch,

To melt my unkilned heart.


Solidify who I am

Through moldable you.

Day by day, I learn from you.


I love you,

Though some days are cold.

Fall into me.

Be my mold.

-M.L. Wright


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