Christmas- The Miracle of the Internet

I didn’t plan to write this until late last night, so if my thoughts are out of order, please excuse me.

It all started when I was born to loving parents in Kingsland Georgia USA. And life was wonderful. Simple and beautiful for a whole year. That is, until my sister was born. I was born on October 28th and she was born on October 26th and I always say (now) that she was the best first birthday gift anyone could give, but I swear, even as a one year old, I can remember loathing her for stealing the spotlight from me.

But I still had my maternal grandma and grandpa that lived next door that spoiled me to death. Along with a handful of aunts and uncles and cousins, I was still a happy child with plenty of family. I lived in a beautiful part of the country with diverse people and a rich culture.

But then my father’s father got sick, so we moved to the middle of no where in Minnesota to help him out. I was really young when we moved and I became really bitter over it. I was no longer walking distance from family. There was nothing to do during the day and I just really missed my family in Georgia.

Every couple of years we’d go into debt to fly or drive down and visit again, but I just wanted to stay in Georgia, not leave. We tried to move back, but the housing market crashed, and with it, my dreams.

Then, one night, I was sitting outside on the cool grass, thinking about nothing and gazing up at the stars when one of them shot across the sky. Out loud, I said the first wish that came to my mind.

“Please make Georgia geographically part of Minnesota,” I wished weakly.

I’m not sure how I thought this was going to happen. It was sort of just a spur of the moment thing. I just pictured Georgia being lifted up and dropped right where North and South Dakota were. That way, family would be in driving distance without it taking days to get there.

Tears filled my eyes as I realized that God surely just didn’t want me to be in the place I loved. That through frustrations and past impossibilities, there would be no way to go back to my beloved hometown.

Since then, I’ve had many other encounters with Georgia. One of my aunts has even moved up to join us in the frozen tundra. But it’s just never been enough.

Then, last night, I had a skype conversation with my uncle that I hadn’t seen in years. Instead of thinking about all things that I’ve missed out in his life, like his engagement to his fiancé, I just concentrated on his voice that gave us flawless Jim Carrey impressions as he acted out scenes from his movies that he memorized word for word.

And that, ladies and gentleman, was the miracle I had been praying for since I was a child. It sounds silly. It was just a skype call on Christmas Eve, and it doesn’t sound miraculous, but it made all the difference. It was better than any gift that I’ve received so far this Christmas.

So I challenge you, the Christmas season isn’t over yet, to call your family, call your friends, get in contact with people you love, because that’s what it’s all about. Talk for five minutes, an hour, it doesn’t matter, just tell them you care, but more than that, show them with your time.

Christmas isn’t a selfish holiday. It’s a time for giving. So give. That doesn’t necessarily mean presents with shiny bows. This is a lesson that I’ve been taught from an early age, but didn’t really quite understand until I hit “end call” on my lap top.






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