Writer’s Block: Causes and Cures

I’m no stranger to writer’s block. But I’ve come up with my own cures. They may or may not work for you writers out there. Whether your writing for your blog, an essay for school, or a 500 page manuscript (all things I do on a regular basis) chances are, you’ve experienced some form of writer’s block.

Cause #1: Overthinking it

complicatedTake a deep breath. Relax. Do you have notes? Ideas? Close your mind off from everything other than that. I find that writer’s block happens 100% of the time in the creative process, not the editing process, so just forget about being fancy, and just spill your mind. Expand upon your ideas or notes. If you have no ideas, then maybe you should just bang your head against your desk. That always seems to work.

Cause # 2: Comparing


I used to look at a blank screen or piece of paper and totally lose my mind. What was I going to write? How could I write it? I started doing research on how other writers did their thing, hoping that I would mimic them and turn the blank screen into one decorated with words, but it simply confused me more. I found that trying to be just like everyone else, I was cheating myself out of being me. Don’t look at a blank page and think about all the best sellers out there. Think about your next adventure. Or, if it’s in the case of a school or work project, you’re obligated to. If you don’t get it done, the world as you know it will end and the very core of the universe will collapse.

Cause #3: Staring

staringSometimes I forget about what I’m doing altogether and just stare. I guess I’m hoping that the keys will just type for me. Especially when I’m working on exposition. Exposition is boring! There! I said it. But it’s needed. Instead of staring, close your eyes and just randomly throw your hands on the keyboard. Surely a readable story will pop up.


Cause # 4: Thinking about the finished product

You start thinking about publishing your finished product. About submitting that paper. About presenting what your about to commit your heart to and your mind destroys every last remnant of confidence you had before you thought about finishing your project and you want to give up before you begin. Don’t think about that. Take it easy. The worst that could happen is rejection and being told that the very being of your soul isn’t worth being seen by human eyes. That’s all.

Cause # 5: Aliens stole your idea

alienIt’s official. Aliens have started to steal your ideas from your mind. It’s the only explanation as to why as soon as you come up with a brilliant idea that will change the course of the world, you immediately lose it. Who else would steal it? It’s dem darn aliens.

This doesn’t really have much to do with what I’m talking about, I just forgot about my fifth and final point. But if you want these thoughts back, all you have to do is ask for it. The only problem is, you have to ask for it in their alien language, so you’ll probably live in the agony of not knowing your own idea for the rest of your life.


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