A Daughter

A Daughter


You don’t know it yet,

But this child, just breathed to life,

This minute old babe, this precious treasure,

Will grow up.

She’ll learn to walk.

She’ll depend on your steady hand.

She’ll look into your eyes and

See a world that you can’t comprehend.

She’ll speak her first words

(Words you may or may not understand)

And you’ll be overjoyed.

You’ll read her a story at night.

Watch, as she tries to fight sleep.

Tuck her in, kiss her goodnight.

Being sure to leave in her favorite nightlight.

Soon, she’ll want to ride her bike,

WithOUT trainingwheels this time.

And you’ll guide her again, letting her go,

Only to see her soar away, faster than you.

(well, sort of)

“I did it! Look! I did it!” she’ll shout for joy,

Jublius in the idea of victory.

Then you’ll blink, and she’ll be driving your car.

Blink again and you’re walking her down a flowered aisle.

And you’ll look at this child’s face,

This precious treasure,

Then at the man who thinks he deserves her.

Yeah right! As if! He can’t protect her like you can.

I bet if he were there to guide

She’d fall!

But it’s not your decision to make.

It’s her call.

She’s all grown up.

“Why are we stopping?” she’ll ask, halfway

Down the aisle.

“Just remembering,” you’ll reply calmly and

Keep on walking.


Inspiration for this poem came from thinking about my characters Ean and Max’s daughter, Emily. And that daughter marries Chuck, the professional Youtube prankster. Ean does not approve, but Max talks him into giving them his blessing. But now all I can think of is the movie with James Franco and Bryan Cranston Why Him? But honestly, Chuck is a great guy and Emily gets him back for that wedding prank Ean was so upset about.


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