Truthful Dizzy

Truthful Dizzy


I spin around just to

Get dizzy on purpose.


Then I fall to knees

And curse the truthful dizzy.


I have a little sister named Izzy.

And I’m so sorry,

But I’ve been busy.

I’ve got these dreams, plans, and goals.

So, I’ve kept busy.

But I love you.

Like a big sister should.

You probably don’t love me.

And after what I’ve put you through,

I wouldn’t deserve anything from you.

But I’ll always love you,

The way a big sister should.


I’ve got a momma.

And I’m so sorry.

I just got lost.

Mommy, show me the way back.

I wish I could tell you who I am,

But I don’t think I can.

Just know I’ll always love you.

Like a good daughter should.


But the truth is,

I haven’t.

The truth is,

I’ve got horrible habits.


This hurts, the truthful dizzy.

I’m imperfect indefinitely.

Fickle and forever changing.

Letting the people around me rearrange.

But I just want to sit put and stay the same.

I want to be calm.

I want to help my dad and mom.

I want to be a good sister.

Settle down with a well-meaning mister.


But the truthful dizzy

Only catches up to me.


And forces me to my knees.

Pushes me to the ground and ignores my pleas.


What once was inside, is now out.

What was front is now back.

What was white is now black.

What was clear is now smoke.

What I know is now questioned.

Because the truthful dizzy

Is nothing like my sweet sister, Izzy.


And the truth is,

People like me

Will never have it easy.


And the truth is,

People like everybody

Will never have it easy.


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