Name The Past

Name the Past


I consider myself many things

I look on Old Days

And ponder Time

I consider My Mind

And its effect on you, Dear Sir

Though I’ve created a Monster

White capped Waves still swallow innocent Doves.

So light the Fire, because I Like It Bright

And live for Anderson’s Lullaby

Because, can’t you see? This is me?

Why Can’t I?

Because I’m Sick.

You Hope For It,

The Wrong One.

While Me Is A Coward,

I Walk In The Desert

“Looking Down,” Wrote The Waman

As I consider many names of the past.

What they meant to me and to others.

Walls collapse.

Dreams escape.

What we used to be,

What we did with Wata,

Haunts my memories.

Little Demons roam free without Difficulty.

Small, though they may be.

Spring, Summer, Fall; Listen, Darling;

Love is for all.

Take Me Back, although I Lack Thereof.

I consider my past, and know

Ode To Torment started it all.

Goodnight to Sunrise.

Lines, Lines, Lions while I just follow man’s Traditions.

But My Continual Nightmare fills me with Fears.

I don’t want to Smile.

This is To:You.

And you lose.

To: my Childhood, Young Life, and Imagination;

I’ll make it up to you, I swear

First Ask, Then Do! save Planet Earth.

Is my Lesson Learned?

Ponder the Bible to cast away Selfish Rodents.

Hunt down Four-Leaf Clovers and forever treasure

Only beautiful Flowers.

But Forever Is Too Long.

Pus One.

Dost Thou… nevermind.

Given Only So Much Greatness,

Famous One Day is quite Unrequited.

Rolled to Camp with Unlikely Friends.

But we Fight Over Here In The Pool

Be a Cry Baby To Mommy

Gimme a Repeat or Do-over

Living a Mansion Life just Before.

But I’m Too Cold, a Drama Queen *cough, cough*,

so I Gave a Hobo A Cookie.

And look where it got me.



These are The Poems Of A Poet!

Pick a side!

Cars Vs. Drivers,

Chicken or the Egg?

Bunny, Fox, Bear.

Because Alice lives in Newdale,

and my friends tend to die away rather than prevail.

So I chase Cobwebs.

And I consider myself Bland.

The End!



My teacher told me to make a list poem and I thought, wouldn’t it be cute if I made a poem about past poems? Just for fun? It got a little bit out of hand. A lot of them are sitting in my closet right now, never to be seen by human eyes.


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