Yes, I’m Evil

Yes, I’m Evil


This pen isn’t mine.

It’s the devil’s


It therefore feels plagiarized

And wrong.


These words aren’t mine.

They don’t belong to me.


I’ve sold my soul.

Given it away.


He whispers his evil candy,

“Enjoy,” he slithers lusciously.


I turn my cheek.

“Stay away from me!”


“Oh, but words, my dear,”

He whispers in my ear.



“No!” I keep moving.


But he coils round my neck.

Choking the sanity from my eyes.


“Do my will! My bidding!” he hypnotizes.

As the room becomes red and black.


As my eyes become hazy.

As my days become lazy.


He whispers his evil candy,

“Enjoy,” he slithers lusciously.


I sing with the church choir,

But it stops and catches fire.


The sole one to rise from the char,

I dust myself off, casting away my heart.


As I’m the only survivor,

The devil licks his lips.


“Do my will, do my bid.”

Too weak to stop now, I go.


I breed with the worst of ‘em

Live with the meanest of ‘em.


But none eviler than I,

As I shun the very light.


As the bell rings, I’m given

My very own vampire wings.


I start my own fires,

Breathe out my arson.


This lovely shade of horror,

The village’s pleasant look of terror,


Could I do more than crave

The very taste of coppery blood?


I’ve gone too far to be saved,

Too far to be loved.


 “Get thee hence!” they scream.

“Sweeter words have never been spoken.”


My soul’s not broken,

Just lost in apostasy.


Fangs exposed, latch to innocent skin,

I kill them off, dead as the ash they’re buried in.


He whispers his evil candy.

“Enjoy,” he smiles lusciously.


He welcomes me down,

It’s a million-step fall, starting with one.


He kisses my hand, makes me the queen.

“You’ve done my will, my bidding.”


I look out at my demonic wings.

“I suppose I have,” I slither lusciously.


My evil, bred from fire,

Craving the living.

-M.L. Wright


My parents are going to hate this one.




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