Lilies dream of becoming roses.

Wilting Roses pray to stay roses.

Sunflowers learn of the sun

Boasting as scholars on the run.

Roses, revered and rare, held up,

Placed on a pedestal, made clear.

Daisies dream of becoming roses.

But it’s clearly marked, made clear;

Roses are the most beloved,

Most rare and revered. Just common fact.

Everyone knows sunflowers are upbeat,

Pretentious even, acting as if life were divine.

Everyone knows lilies are innocent

Majestic even, doing no wrong in this life.

Everyone knows daisies have all the friends,

Socialable even, getting along with every kind.

But roses have it all. Immortal till rot,

Their petals, silky soft,

Their color, the embodiment of red.

And so, my love, I bestow upon you, a dozen.


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