A Puzzle

A Puzzle

Life has been a blind puzzle.

With glimpses of possible ways,

But then the puzzle changes shape.

…and color

…and now it’s gray.


So, life splashes some color.


The dead reds of ambition.

The beet reds of fights in schoolyards.

The blush reds of my first kiss.


The soft oranges of watching sunsets.

The softer oranges of waking to sunrises.

The deep oranges of my lost wish.


The star yellows of a bright one.

The new yellows of hearing a baby’s first laugh.

The golden yellows of my best friend’s smile.


The oozy greens of pain and loss.

The fresh greens of grass I lay on.

The blurry greens of trees I barely see.


The dark blues of my broken heart.

The crashing blues of my home by the shore.

The showy blues of fights in the kitchen.


The violet purples that ink the paper.

The violent purples that hold my temper.

The endless purples that lie and say that I will live forever.

-M.L. Wright


My mom really likes the musical “The King and I” so I occasionally get some of the songs stuck in my head. When I was writing this, I just kept thinking, “It is… a puzzlement!” and I don’t know why.


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