Reflecting upon the election, because, now I care. Kind of.

There isn’t anything that I hate more than politics. Am I blue? Am I red? Do I really care? But I still find myself asking questions and looking back on the last election.

At first, I just saw the election as just another election. Some dude was going to become president and I wasn’t going to care. I didn’t really mind Obama. I mean, I didn’t love the guy, but I thought his wife was amazing. Secretly, I wish she ran. If there ever would be a wonderful first woman president, it would be her. (I love you Michelle)

But then people started announcing that they were running. Hillary announced and I just kind of ignored her and didn’t take her seriously. I mean, her smile was freakin weird. Some of the things she did were just odd and unnatural.

I was for Bernie Sanders. Maybe Jeb or Carson or something like that. I’d see where it went. Feel the BURN!

But then, I watched the Daily Show and was brought to tears. Not from sadness, but from joy. Pure joy. (Well, a little bit of sadness because Jon was leaving soon) Because the most ridiculous, farfetched candidate yet had thrown his hat in the ring.

2017-02-05 (2).png

I remember thinking, “an escalator? Really? For reals?” Then again, they’re pretty fun, Donald. But it was his speech afterwards that worried me. Before that day, all I really cared to know about Donald Trump was that he was in “The Little Rascals” from the 90’s for five seconds as the rich kid’s dad.

Then there was this whole email thing. That was fun. It was already impossible to trust her, and then I find out that she uses private emails… or something like that. Honestly, I still don’t completely understand it. And I don’t care anymore. But it was dragged out so I guess it was a REALLY big deal.

Then there’s the whole “grab them by the uh…kitty cat”. But seriously, I grew up being taught that pussy was a bad-ish word. Now, my mom is trying to figure out the best way to crochet a pussy hat.


But I was most surprised by peoples’ reaction to the clip of our current president’s words. Namely, people (including him) who said it was just locker-room talk. I’m sorry, but I totally think it’s normal to fantasize about cornering and molesting women against their will. I hear men talk about that kind of stuff all the time. No one respects women more than Trump. And we can know that’s true, because he said it himself.

And I think it was the second debate, and I was mentally prepared that time because I had popcorn. I turned on the TV before the debate and I see BREAKING NEWS and it’s Trump talking to women who were raped by Bill Clinton. Apparently.

And then other women came forward to say that our current president raped them. Apparently. And I never thought I’d see the day when a turning point in the election was on whether both parties raped someone or not.

It made me miss the good ol’ days when people would argue over things like hand size or where they were born. Those were the good ol’ days.

And then election day happened. And I could just feel the American spirit being crushed. I stayed up all night while everyone else went to bed. I walked away for thirty minutes to take a shower and just before I sat back down and turned the TV on, I remembered something from years before. On a TV show called Brain games, the host conducted an experiment that proved that presidential candidates are chosen based on their smile. And I thought of Hillary’s smile. And then I turned on the TV. And he was president elect.





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