Yes, I’m Lost

Yes, I’m Lost



I sit in a darkened room,

Disinterested in the gloom.


Perfectly comfortable as the queen

Of all things obscene.


There’s no other world.

This is the only one and I’m trapped.


Sit in evil, completely wrapped.

Around his finger, I’m twirled.


Just outside the darkened castle,

There’s a quiet a knock from an old man.


This man I’ve seen before,

But I don’t let him inside the protective door.


“Repent! Oh, repent!

Coward of the mist! And he will forgive!”


“I’m happy as I am! Leave now!”

If he knew my past, perhaps he wouldn’t attempt.


He turns around and leaves,

Giving up on the all-powerful queen.


“Repent, ye, repent ye,”

He hollers fruitlessly as he crosses the moat.


I can tell he’s uncomfortable on the one-man boat

Steered by my good friend, Death.


So, I have a good laugh.

“Suppose he’s a good man,” I mutter under my breath.


But then there’s another knock.

I hiss, but run to the door


Ready to cast away all indifference.

Ready to throw all to the shattering fence.


But it’s an all too familiar face.

The face of a friend from long ago.


“Come with me, Abide close by,”

He says, no other words accompanied.


“But I’m the queen. You live too high,”

I close the door, in no mood for welcoming.


“To first be queen, you must be appointed by royalty.

Lucifer cannot bestow majesty.”


“But I’m the queen!”

I rip the door open, being flooded by unwelcome light.


Blinded by a stellar burn,

The surroundings change, and everything hurts.


No longer am I safely hidden away,

Now I am uncovered in a way.


Confused in the streets of a village,

Where my demonic look and way gave right to pillage.


I throw my hands out,

But no power follows me.


I’m no longer the queen,

In favor of all that’s obscene.


But who am I?

What could I be?

-M.L. Wright


If you were wondering, this is a sequel,

To “Yes, I’m Evil”.





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