Teach the Angels

Teach the Angels


Do you wander the hills?

Do you debate the angels?

Do you argue their philosophy?

Please, teach them like you taught me.

Teach of them of peace and love.

That all battles not fought,

Are the ones that are never won.

Teach them of war and pain.

That most battles should be lost.

Teach them that loss is how we are taught.

And the notion of power is for the weak.

Teach them of hope and courage.

That the former cannot exist without the latter.

Teach them of the lamb and lion,

How they can co-exist on a regular basis.

Teach them of art and belief,

That joy comes from finding what you believe.

Teach them how to achieve their own feats.

That real work takes rolling up their sleeves.

Teach them of anger and disappointment.

That stranger things happen when you least expect it.

Teach them of your journeys across heavens.

You’ve soared more than they have.

I could only hope to match you,

To compare to just half of you.

While you teach the angels,

I’ll live in review.

Remembering what you taught.

Living by example,

Standing by my side.

Looking down on me,

Holding my hand tight.

Please, teach them like you taught me.

-M.L. Wright



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