The Royal Dancer

The Royal Dancer

Dance around they go

First comes the loop,

Then goes the circle.

The Prince makes his rounds.

First comes the dance,

Then goes the sounds.

Stand back, let them mingle.

Let them talk, share alter ego.

I can wait.


Dance around they go.

Ridiculous dresses held by the fistful

As they waltz in circles.

Outdance the clock

And their feet never stop.

Spin around, dip, then hop.

I can’t stand back.

I can’t wait.


Dance with me!”

The ornate music halts,

The prince holds out his hand,

Dropping the soulless creature beside him.

And we dance above it all.

First in a loop

Then in a circle

And it all stands still.


I open my red eyes

Dance around they go.



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