Little ol’ me (part 2) Toddlerhood

look-at-the-toesSo my second sister was born and I’m going to just call her Goldilocks. Because, much like Snow, she was blessed with beautiful hair, only hers was golden, Shirley Temple curls and everyone adored her. And so did I. blah, blah, blah.


Some people are daddy’s girls. Some people are momma’s boys. Some people just prefer one parent over the other. Well, my mom always said that I was half and half because my attention was equally divided between both. But Snow was a daddy’s girl if there ever was one because when she was born, she didn’t see him because he was on a boat in the Navy. But when he came back, they just had this special bond. Well, Goldilocks and mom had a strong bond too.


Goldilocks never cried. In fact, she never really did much of anything. She was so content because our mom could read her mind and understand what she wanted. So there was no need for Goldilocks to cry because she didn’t need to communicate in that way. All she needed to do was use telepathy.



While all this was going on, my dad quit the navy and was all like “I like taking care of sick people. You know how I know? Because I took care of my sick wife while she was bringing my children into to the world. I think I want to be a nurse.” At least, I’m sure that’s how it went down. He went to college and got a new job and stuff. He told everyone that he thought he was going to become a millionaire. And people teased him saying that nurses don’t make that much money, but you know what, my dad is the best gosh darn nurse this world has ever seen. It doesn’t matter what he gets paid, the way he’s affected people’s lives since he’s become a nurse makes him a gazillionaire.


I was a very happy child. My hobbies including things like watching King of the Hill and dancing on my dad’s feet to Sting. “Reading” Dr. Seuss books and “drawling” pictures. Snow was my pal throughout it all. Sort of.


Snow and I had a wonderful time, sometimes playing nice, but most of the time getting into fights. Once, ending in me going to the hospital because even though I was older, Snow was tougher. My mom always told me that I was meaner to my sister, but I don’t  recall ever sending her to the hospital for an injury. Technically, we weren’t fighting, but part of me still feels like it was still intentional.

I was laying under a rocking chair because when you live in the most south eastern tip of Georgia, sometimes you get bored and you lie in weird places. Snow jumped on the rocking chair and started rocking and something sharp drove into my skin just centimeters away from my right eye. I don’t remember much other than my parents running in with a towel because apparently I was getting eye-blood everywhere.


I had to go to the hospital and get stiches and I don’t remember any needles, but I do remember the doctor trying to calm me down by asking me questions like what my favorite T.V. shows were. I’m sure he was expecting Teletubbies or Dora or Sesame Street because I was a toddler, but I just remember yelling out “KING OF THE HILL! SIMPSONS! PAC MAN!” I said Pac-man because I have very fond memories of watching my mother play on the Super-Nintendo. That was entertainment to me even though she hates it when I watch her play video games. I used sneak and hide in the hallway late at night and just listen hoping that one day I would hold the controller.


After the whole stitches ordeal I got crocodile ice-cream. I can’t remember what that means, but have the distinct and real memory of asking for and getting crocodile ice-cream. Also, I had these cool stiches that I messed with a lot and now I have a faint scar right next to the outside of my right eye. It super stings whenever I put things like makeup or makeup remover on it. So that’s fun.


Another fun and amazing thing about my toddlerhood was that we had our very own private playground . Swing set, slide, fort thingy, stone wall thingy, sandbox, and then a picnic table. All painted in a striped rainbow. We would play all kinds of things. I always liked the smell of the store bought sand after it rained and would sometimes just lay in the sandbox and just smell the wet sand. I was a normal child. We had a lot of cousins, so that playground came in handy for parties and get-togethers.


Then, when Goldilocks turned two, my parents were all like- “Nurses get paid better in Minnesota, my dad is having health problems and I’m a nurse, I can help out and whatever. I have family in Minnesota like you have family in Georgia, so we’ll be just as surrounded by family. Life will be Flawless.” At least, I’m sure that’s what they said. Boy were they wrong. Or maybe I would just win the trophy for greatest five year old pessimist.

To be continued…


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