The Bright Star

The Bright Star


The first to shine

The first to burn

Its incredible luster

Before others stir

Its only companion

The brighter moon.

And others soon.

It’s the bright star.

It outshines the rest,

Giving off its best.

Until it burns out.

And the sky is dark.


The lessors mourn.

The stain it left.

Its eternal mark.

If it only knew

Its bright impact.

If it understood

Its fire was good,

Its inferno light

Would still shine.

Lead and be bright.

The bright star

Was just too bright.

-M.L. Wright


So, I finished a sketchbook (impossible to do and I’m proud of myself) and I told my bestest friend, Ivy that I didn’t have one to draw in anymore. I was going to buy one, but instead she got me one with a really sweet inscription in it. When she gave it to me, I told her, “I’m so glad you gave this to me, I’ve been suffering from with-DRAW.” I said it a few times and she laughed. “Oh my gosh! When your friend is as nerdy as you are!”



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