What is this?

Hello. Welcome to my blog. Here, you might find poems about my life, the lives I observe, or fictional people that exist to no one other than me. So, enjoy. You also might find opinions that I have on random things. And if I’m in the mood, stories from my childhood. Also, I’m a writer so I might put a half thought out story on here, too.

That’s it.


Also, something’s been bothering me.

And it’s serious.

Walt Disney

Does the D in Disney look like a weird, backwards G to anyone else? And the y at the end kind of looks like a p. I swear, until I was a teenager, it looked like Gisnep not Disney. Maybe I’m just stupid. Or maybe the Illuminati is controlling all our minds. Maybe the only people that are sane are the ones that believe the Illuminati and the only reason that people think they’re crazy is because that’s what the Illuminati wants everyone to believe. Or maybe, the only people who out rightly say it’s crazy are just covering up their tracks because they ARE the Illuminati. But if the Illuminati wanted to be kept a secret, they’re doing a poor job at it. But what if they want to be known? So it becomes more of a joke than a real threat. What if the end is near?




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