My Personality Type

For the fun of it, I took a personality test on this website hoping to learn something of myself. According to the website, I’m an introverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting, and turbulent person (INFP-T). Or, as they put it, a Mediator.

I always want to learn more about who I am, so I was intrigued and studied further.

The website compared me to celebrities like William Shakespeare, Jonny Depp, and Frodo Baggins. So that was fun.

It listed off some of my strengths, but I got bored and moved on to my weaknesses. It said I was Too Idealistic. How can one be too idealistic? I just think that everyone I love is perfect and nothing else. End of story. Also that I’m too altruistic. How can one be too altruistic? Also, I’m impractical. Apparently, according to the website, I get so caught up in my imagination that I can’t even function as a human person sometimes. At first, I was outraged that it would make such a claim, but then remembered the last time I got caught up in a project and neglected to do anything else all day. Then it told me that I take things personally. Eh, I guess. I’m a pretty chill person though. And I’m difficult to get to know. Therefore, I feel guilty for not giving more of myself to the people I love. Also, that I suck at math.

Then it started talking about romantic relationships and I got bored again.

Then it told me about my friends and how I had basically none. They were right. I mean, I like people. Kind of. But it takes a lot for me to be friends with someone. Then it starts talking about how I can understand social context and situations, but it exhausts me. Also that I can read other’s feelings and emotions quite well. Not that I’d ever share my true emotions or feelings. Because even though I give great advice and emotional support, I would never allow that same simple pleasure for myself. Yay…

It says that long years of school would be very difficult for me. They are correct. It told me that I needed my schooling and creativity and stuff to mix or whatever blah blah blah. But then it scared me. And made me a little sad.

“First and foremost is seemingly every Mediators’ dream growing up – to become an author. While a novel is a classic choice, it is rarely an accessible one”

How the heck did it know? And is it telling me to kill my dreams? To stab it mercilessly until it no longer bleeds rainbow and unicorn magic?  It sounds like every other person I’ve ever known. “Being a successful author is too improbable. Do something else instead.” You sound like my mother.

And that’s when I stopped because I take things personally.


Thanks for a 1,000 likes!likeable-blog-1000.png

Does that mean 1,000 individuals liked my post or that my posts were simply liked 1,000 times? What good does it do to know that I have 1,000 likes?






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