Ode To Torment


I’ve lived in this house for years,

But I still get lost inside these halls.

I feel trapped inside these beige walls,

One day I’ll escape this house

that has been flooded by my tears;

A breeding ground for fears.

Monsters and Ghouls of every kind,

Sometimes you can’t run and you can’t hide.

Trust me, I know, I’ve lived in this house for years


My life has all been fantasy,

Filled with good fairies and ghosts,

The kind that laugh and jost.

But not anymore, no not anymore.

Now they only tease and hurt,

Making old sores worse.

Trading tears for blood

is what now makes this house flood.


To: all fictional villains,

I bid you adieu

and beg you to do

only what good people do.

To: all real life listeners,

I ask you to ignore me

and beg you to not follow

my example but to follow theirs.

Theirs is better than mine.


Jost is not a real word.


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