Half empty or Half Full?

You can say whatever you want. That you’re an optimist so you see the glass as half full or you’re a pessimist and you see the glass as half empty, but in all honesty, no one knows what it is unless they know whether the glass will be filled or emptied.

You can look at a glass and go:

half full

Or, you can look at it and go:Half empty

The point I’m trying to make is that you can’t just look at a glass that is at it’s halfway point and know whether it’s half full or half empty. You don’t know where the glass has been or where it’s going. You can hope that it’s half full. You can have all the hope in the world that it is halfway to full. That doesn’t mean that it is.

So, the advice that I want to leave with is this: Don’t empty glasses. Do your best to fill them.


P.S. please appreciate the time it took for me to draw the eyebrows on those things. I don’t know why it was so difficult to get them right.



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