Accidently, I’ve fallen

For a person

Who is accidently perfectly

Flawed, beautifully

Twisted, something’s

Effortlessly sour.

The Son of a Dozen Bastards

Fortified from Hammering Hazards

Expert NASCAR Driver

Compact Street Fighter

My Favorite Breakdance Partner

The Sweetest Word Spewer

God’s Favorite Non-Believer

The Devil’s Favorite Pursuer

7th, 8th, 9th, 10th,11th, and 12th grade skipper

The sky asked the mounaincaps

A single favor

To mix blue with ice to make

His eyes

Accidently, he starts a conversation

Accidently, I hear nothing but a backwards song

Accidently, he smiles

Accidently, I’m lost

Accidently, I’m in love

Accidently, I don’t want to quell his demons.

Accidently, he wants to kill mine.

Accidently, his words are no longer sweet.

Accidently, I don’t want to believe.

Accidently, I talk too fast.


-M.L. Wright


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