The Best and the Worst things

First dates always seem to go the same way. I say what I like and dislike. Then the other party says what they like or dislikes followed by either awkward silence or meaningful conversation. I figure, everyone should just has a list and exchanges them to see if they have any similar interests. I realize that’s basically a dating site, but I’m never letting a computer pair someone up with me…

Why I’d make a terrible parent (but a wonderful aunt)

I’m only writing this because I’m tired of people in my life saying “Oh, you’ll love having children. They’ll make you’re life soooooo much brighter. You’ll see,” or , “You’ll make an excellent mother. I’ve seen how well you are around children, being a mom is just a bigger step of that!” And don’t throw back at me that I’m just afraid to lose my body because I’m not.